The Alice Burger

The Alice Burger

This recipe is Toshiko Furlong's original recipe.

This is a burger inspired recipe from Maple Leaf Deli, a Canadian smoked meat restaurant in Dubai.
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  • Burger patties or Chicken breasts (I pound them to equal thickness- in the US the breasts are huge so you might get two burgers out of one breast)  *I only season them with salt and pepper but you can season as you like
  • Poutine gravy or any one of those instant gravy packets (Poutine or not) that you like and make the gravy
  • Sautéed mushrooms
  • Swiss cheese, or your preferred cheese
  • Sliced raw onion
  • Chipotle mayo (or any spicy mayo)
  • Pickles (optional)
  • Burger buns



  1. Place the wood chips on bottom. Turn you burner on med-high high.
  2. The smoker should be kept at a temperature between 190F (88C) to 210F (100C) so you will have to keep a watch on it as it takes a bit of time to bring it back up to temperature and then figure out the level of heat to keep it at that temperature.
  3. Once it comes to temperature after adding the meats, Smoke burger patties 20-25 minutes or Chicken breasts 25-35 minutes (depending on size)
  4. Once done, sear them in a pan on med-high to high heat just to get color (a minute or slightly more) and flip them and then add cheese for the final side.
  5. Burger buns can be toasted if you prefer, then add Chipotle mayo on both halves.
  6. Place the burger/chicken on bottom half bun, top with mushrooms, and raw onion slices. I then put the top bun on loosely, tilt the burger in a burger wrapper and pour on a spoonful or two of gravy right under the top bun. Then I wrap it up and it is ready to devour!


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