Smoked Camembert Cheese

Smoked Camembert Cheese

Type of Smoking: Warm Smoking Recommended

Temperature: Moderate Indirect Heat Camembert cheese is best smoked using moderate indirect heat to prevent it from melting excessively. The specific temperature may vary based on the smoker's settings, but typically around 120-150 degrees Celsius is suitable.

Time: Approximately 15-30 Minutes The smoking time for Camembert cheese varies depending on its size. However, as a general guideline, aim for around 15-30 minutes. Pay attention not to over-smoke the cheese, as the flavor is imparted during the time it's exposed to the smoke in the smoker.


  • Camembert cheese (as needed)
  • Smoking chips (choose recommended nutty or fruity wood varieties; chip recommendations are provided at the end of the recipe)


  1. Prepare the Camembert: Remove the Camembert cheese from its packaging and shape it if necessary.

  2. Prepare the Smoking Chips: If using a smoker, soak the smoking chips in water for a while and then drain to ensure they burn longer during smoking.

  3. Smoke the Camembert: Place damp smoking chips. Put the Camembert on the grill rack, inside the smoker. Close the lid and smoke the Camembert using moderate indirect heat. Smoking time varies depending on the Camembert's size, but typically around 15-30 minutes is recommended.

  4. Finishing: Once smoking is complete, remove the Camembert from the smoker and serve it alongside your preferred accompaniments. To enhance the smoky flavor, enjoy it with warm toast, dried fruits, nuts, and honey.

Recommended Smoking Chips for Camembert:

  • Hazelnut Wood: A nutty smoking chip variety that pairs excellently with Camembert.

  • Applewood: Fruity and sweet-smelling, this wood enhances the flavor of Camembert.

  • Pecan Wood: Sweet and richly flavored smoking chips that add depth to Camembert. Highly recommended.

Variation Recipes:

Smoked Camembert Salad:

  1. Prepare smoked Camembert.

  2. Arrange salad greens such as arugula, spinach, and lettuce as the base.

  3. Add dried fruits and drizzle honey, then dress the salad with your preferred dressing.


Smoked Camembert Pasta:

  1. Prepare smoked Camembert.

  2. Top boiled pasta with smoked Camembert.

  3. Add cherry tomatoes and arugula, then finish simply with olive oil and black pepper.


A Key Step for Enhancing the Enjoyment of Smoking

Within the smoking process, there's a step involving "soaking smoking chips in water."

While it's not necessary to include this step, it can have an impact on aspects like the evenness of the smoke when you're smoking. As part of our commitment to helping you enjoy smoking even more, KIWAMIYA Tei suggests this extra step.

Here's how to soak smoking chips in water:

  1. Prepare the Chips: Place your smoking chips in a small bowl or container.

  2. Add Water: Add enough water to the container so that the chips are adequately immersed.

  3. Soaking Time: Chips typically need about 15 to 30 minutes to fully absorb the water.

  4. Remove Excess Water: Once the chips have absorbed enough water, eliminate any excess by gently squeezing them by hand or using a paper towel to remove moisture.