Can I use it in an apartment kitchen? Will it fill the room with smoke or be bothersome to neighbors?




Is it beginner-friendly?

Yes, it is suitable for beginners. The process is user-friendly and easy to use.

Is it compatible with induction cooktops?

It is suitable for use with various heat sources, including gas stoves and induction cooktops (IH). However, due to its high thermal conductivity, there is a possibility that the safety sensor may be activated. In such cases, we recommend using it on a gas stove.

This is my first attempt at making smoked food. What do I need to prepare?

You'll need ingredients, smoking chips, seasonings, and a heat source. Additionally, we recommend preparing protective gear for safe use, such as an apron, mittens, tongs, etc.


I'm not sure how to put in the smoking chips.

You can simply place the smoking chips directly into the main unit. We recommend creating a makeshift cup using aluminum foil and placing the smoking chips in it. This makes cleanup easier.

How much smoking chips do you use?

You'll use about 10 grams (an amount you can grab with one hand) at a time. This should last for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Do you add water to the smoking chips for hot or warm smoking?

The step of soaking the chips in water is not actually mandatory. While recipes often include it for the enhanced aroma when used wet, you can still cook without soaking them, and it won't cause any issues.

How do you replace smoking chips while using SMOKER-X for smoking?

When adding smoking chips during extended smoking, you can simply place new chips on top.

While this is fine, it's ideal to collect the burned chips. For hot smoking, adding chips becomes easier, but for cold smoking or water smoking with ice, you may need to temporarily remove the tray, add chips, and then replace it.

If smoking for around 30 to 1 hour, you might not need to add chips.

I'm interested in making cold-smoked salmon. Will placing ice help lower the temperature of the smoke?

By placing ice in the tray, you can separate heat from the smoke, allowing you to produce the same amount of smoke as in warm smoking but cook at a lower temperature. For smoked salmon, even a smoking time of around 30 minutes can impart a rich aroma and flavor.

When attempting smoking for the first time, what ingredients do you recommend?

For beginners, I recommend chicken, salmon, bacon, and the like. These ingredients can enhance the smoky flavor effectively.

What is the difference between cold smoking and other smoking methods?

Cold smoking is conducted at low temperatures, imparting flavor to the food without cooking it. In contrast, other methods involve both heating the food and adding flavor.

In the case of hot or cold smoking, do you leave SMOKER-X on the heat source for 2 to 4 hours continuously? I've been turning it off once it reaches the desired temperature because I'm concerned about the base getting scorched. Is this the correct usage?

Yes, it's correct.

If the temperature rises too much, it's not a problem to turn it off or even extinguish the fire, as it can maintain the temperature for an extended period afterward.

I tried using an IH cooktop (up to 2000W), but it didn't reach a temperature exceeding 130°F internally, which wasn't sufficient for cooking meat. While barbecuing raises the temperature to over 200°F, are there any tips for using it on the cooktop?

IH cooktops may vary in their ability to reach high temperatures. Usually, removing the tray so that the heat directly transfers to the food can help increase the temperature. Please give it a try.


How to clean the SMOKER-X?

Except for the non-waterproof thermometer, the rest can be cleaned in a dishwasher. If the dirt is severe, we recommend handwashing.

Is it okay to scrub it with a metal scrubber or something similar?

Using a metal scrubber or similar may risk damaging the main unit, so we would not recommend it.

The burnt residue at the bottom is a concern.

The SMOKER-X is designed for a long cooking periods, and due to its characteristics, there may be peeling or burnt residue on the bottom and inside. Please be assured that the coating materials and materials used in this product are carefully selected to ensure safety even after peeling.


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    • This product is not intended for use by children. If used, please ensure it is under adult supervision.
    • Handle with care when dealing with fire.